Welcome to my page!

I live in Nottingham, UK with my partner, two huskies and two beautiful adopted children. I love castles, rollercoasters, baking, purple things and I write children’s books. 

It was a performance of ‘Oliver!’, when I was eight years old, which inspired my love of storytelling and musicals. I began writing at a very early age and have written several musicals, including Escape, which had its premiere in 2004 and Bluebird, whose album has sold all over the world. My songs have been performed on stage and by West End and Broadway voices across the UK and internationally and one was even played on BBC Radio Two.

In 2004 I set up the Broadway School of Performing Arts, a part time theatre school to share my love of theatre with young people.

It was the arrival of my own children that inspired me to begin writing picture books. Reading with them is my favourite thing to do and so I felt I wanted to be part of the reason children love books.

I hope you get to read one of my stories soon or listen to one of my songs. G.